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Summer and winter holidays in the Hochkoenig region of Austria

Sports and family holidays in the Austrian Alps

What to expect at the Austrian holiday paradise of the Hochkoenig region: mountains and lakes, forests and pastures, hiking trails and superb skiing regions. Last but not least, the legendary Austrian hospitality in the picturesque mountain village Maria Alm.

Your 4 star Hotel Thalerhof is located in the picturesque little mountain village of Maria Alm at 802 metres above sea level. Surrounded by the majestic peaks and summits of the Steinernes Meer mountain range and the Hochkoenig massif is a sun flooded high plateau – your ideal holiday destination in the Hochkoenig region of Austria in summer and winter.

The spire of the pilgrimage church of Maria Alm, the highest in the province of Salzburg, pierces the blue spy like a silver needle. Around it nestles cosy houses and farms built in the traditional Austrian mountain style, and right in the middle sits your holiday residence in Austria, the 4 star Hotel Thalerhof.

Hochkoenig region: the holiday resorts of Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach

Explore the three charming holiday resorts of the Hochkoenig region, experience culture and Austrian tradition over the course of the year, and look forward to numerous leisure and sports opportunities in the province of Salzburg in Austria. Families with children will love the plants and animals of the alpine mountain environment, couples will find plenty of time to spend together and sports activity aficionados will find new sporty challenges every day in the Hochkoenig region.

Treat yourself to fantastic summer or winter holidays in the Hochkoenig region of Austria. Send a no obligation enquiry to the Hotel Thalerhof, your 4 star hotel in Maria Alm, and look forward to receiving an attractive holiday offer from Austria.

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